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Cumbuca /bowl /Bowl Big 500ml Natural Coconut
  • Cumbuca /bowl /Bowl Big 500ml Natural Coconut

    BIG NATURAL COCONUT BOWL - equilibrium model
    When you buy this bowl made from 100% coconut, you are placing a tropical gem in your kitchen or living room. In our opinion, everything tastes good and better in a coconut bowl!

    Every year, billions of coconuts grow and are harvested for water and white meat, unfortunately 99% of coconut husks are wasted and are frequently burned, which releases CO2 (carbon dioxide) and methane emissions into the atmosphere. Instead, we retrieve these coconut shells and turn them into a resource, a tropical gem. We work with local artisans to manufacture the bowls, generating income for communities in the interior of Pernambuco and São Paulo!

    Unlike plastics, made from various chemical compounds, our coconut bowls and bamboo straws are 100% natural. From tree to table, our products are never exposed to chemicals that can harm our health and well-being. We are creating positive changes in the way we consume food, replacing plastic compounds with all natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products.

    Our products are 100% organic. The production, harvesting and washing processes are sustainable. This coconut bowl is ideal for ice cream, salads, açaí, smoothies, fruits...

    We are 100% organic, we use organic vegetable coconut oil to seal the coconut.

    The diameter is about 11 cm, the depth is about 9 cm and the volume is about 500 ml. Please note that organic products are unique in shape and size.

    We use sustainable packaging, reusable boxes, recyclable and affordable papers in all of our packaging.

    1 bowl
    1 care manual

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